DeA Capital is a leading european provider of alternative asset management solutions for professional investors, offering best-in-class investment services and products.

Significant growth
in alternative business fields

The platform is involved in the management and development of real estate, private equity and debt investment funds as well as multi-asset/multi-manager solutions for institutional investors.

The real estate division manages an investment portfolio of approximately 11.7 billion euros with an international team of approximately 150 employees, which is represented locally in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

In Germany, the branches in Frankfurt and Munich manage investment solutions in the areas of listed REITs and indirect real estate funds with a global or pan-European, but also national focus.

Real Estate
11.7 bn

56 funds
~770 properties
Rent ~340 m

3.1 bn

4 funds
30 companies
GBV >€30 bn

Private equity
2.4 bn

12 funds
80 T-P funds
900 Company

Multi-Asset | Manager
8.3 bn

14 internal pools
34 T-P pools
~60 customers

As at 31.12.2021

Our Company, leader in the sector, must use its own expertise, products, services and relations to support and accelerate the changes that are fundamental for our economy and necessary to achieve shared prosperity for both current and future generations. For this reason, we firmly believe that incorporating ESG factors in our investments and products is the winning choice for a sustainable future.

Emanuele CaniggiaCEO DeA Capital Real Sgr

Leader in the application
of ESG principles



Acting responsibly and promoting sustainability in the sector as an investor signatory of UN PRI, adopting a responsible approach to investment to create value and increase industry awareness of the benefits deriving from valorisation of ESG issues.



Placing people at the centre by investing in the well-being and professional growth of the people who are part of DeA Capital, ensuring a work environment that fosters professional growth and the ability to attract and retain new talents.


Efficient Properties

Developing, redeveloping and managing properties that are efficient and sustainable, pursuing energy efficiency objectives and reducing the consumption of resources and actively contributing to the transition towards a low carbon economy.


Sustainable Cities

Proactively participating in the creation of sustainable cities of the future aiming at sustainable and inclusive urbanisation, benefiting from the integration of digital and technological innovations.

By adhering to the Principles of Responsible Investment and defining a sustainability strategy, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is committed to integrating ESG issues at all operational levels, both on behalf of the AMC and for the AIFs it manages.

Our self-imposed goals are based on the European climate path and on a continuous evaluation to exceed the legal requirements.

sector know-how

Investment products

  • Core / Core + Funds
  • High standing, income-producing properties in the main European cities
  • Single fund with €2Bn+ AUM

Value Add Fund

  • Focus on logistics, with strong interest by investors
  • More than 10% of AUM dedicated to Logistic & Light Industrial
  • Single logistic fund with over €700M AUM raised in 1Q 2021

Development projects

  • Development projects of commercial properties
  • 3 active projects, with total capex for ~€500M

Synergy of expertise

Extensive Range of Products, with various Risk Profiles
In-depth market knowledge with a wide network of relationships
Modern compliance, risk management and SDG/ESG investment policy
Strong and resilient balance sheet

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