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UrbanMile purchase profile


European metropolises:

  • Munich, Berlin, Hamburg
  • Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan and Rome, Madrid and Barcelona, Warsaw and Vienna.
  • Requirement for the size of a city: more than 1 hour driving time from the city limits to the city centre

Commercial real estate:

  • Locations, in a corridor of approx. 1 km of the ring roads around the city centres.

Infill Centre/Last Mile Objects:

  • Location outside the city / city limits
  • Good infrastructure connection

Commercial real estate:

  • smaller properties between 1,000 and <8,000 sqm,
  • floor plans without columns
  • Infrastructure for delivery and distribution
  • Possible warehouse/logistics use
  • Office share up to approx. 50%

Infill Centre/Last Mile Objects:

  • Logistics/ warehouse between 10,000 and < 20,000
  • Infrastructure for delivery and distribution
  • Delivery gates
  • Rented, low vacancy rate (less than 20 %)
  • MV remaining term 3-4 years
  • creditworthy tenants with good credit standing
  • diversified tenant base (multi-tenant)
Market value

Commercial property: approx. 5-12 million euros
Infill centre/last mile properties: approx. 20 -30 million euros

Special requirements
  • High third-party usability: space for alternative use concepts in city centres
  • “Warehouse” on the floor
  • Focus on flexspaces: small-scale logistics due to limited space in urban areas
  • Potential types: Light manufacturing, artisan, retail space, exhibition, nursery, car workshops, DIY stores etc.